2015 From left to Right: Prof. Dr. Rob Verpoorte (THE NETHERLANDS) - Scientific Research; Ali Hamad Mohammed Said Efaifa (QATAR) - Poverty Alleviation: providing job opportunities and promoting overseas workers welfare; Prof. Alexander Nikolaevich Chumakov (RUSSIA) - Philosophical Science; Dr. Syunji Sano (JAPAN) - Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery; HE Hun Many,son of PM Hun Sen (CAMBODIA) - Youth Leadership and Humanitarianism; Dr. Jeffrey Huang (CHINA) - Medicine [Hepatobiliary Surgery]: Organ Transplantation; Dr Susan Briggs (USA) - International Medical Surgical Response; Miss Nora Aunor (PHILIPPINES) - International Performing Arts [for Film, Stage, Television and for Music]; Former President Antonio Eanes (PORTUGAL) Statesmanship; Former President Askar Akayev.(KYRGYZTAN) - Statesmanship & Scientific Research [Applied Mathematics and Optics]; Prof. Dr. Zuriyadda Sakipova (KAZAKHSTAN) - Academe; Hon. Shykh Seraj (BANGLADESH) - Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture, Journalism; Prof. Dr. Zurab Vadachkoria (GEORGIA) - Medicine :Academe and Research on Maxilla-Facial Surgery, & Internationalization of Medical Education; Prof. Petr Blizkovsky (CZECH REPUBLIC) - International Diplomacy [Academic Work on Governance];Dr. Mary Pinder (AUSTRALIA) - Medicine [Intensive Care, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome {SARS}, and International Development]; Prof. Dr.Hans Lehrach (AUSTRIA) - Scientific Research [Human Genome & Medical Systems Biology]

2014 From left to Right: Prof. Virima Mudogo (CONGO) Scientific Research & Humanitarianism (Excellence Scholarship Program); Dr. Mansok Fok (CHINA) Medicine (Esophageal/Laparoscopic Surgery), Medical Biotechnology Dev't, Scientific Research, Healthcare & Philanthropy; Dr. Luigi Pellegrini (ITALY) Innovation in Pharmacy and Telemedicine; Hon. Dominique Hoppe (FRANCE) Peace; Hon. Parviz Pargari (IRAN) Art & Interior Design; Dr. Atiur Rahman (BANGLADESH) Economics for the Poor; Hon. Saad Nahar Al-Badah Almutairi (SAUDI ARABIA) Human Rights Advocacy of Overseas Workers; Senator Cynthia A. Villar (PHILIPPINES) Poverty Alleviation thru Livelihood Projects and Humanitarianism; Prof. Kazimierz Glowniak (POLAND) Academe and Scientific Research (Pharmacognosy); Prof. Yoshinori Asakawa (JAPAN) Academe and Scientific Research (Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science); Dr. Hans Koechler (AUSTRIA) Philosophy of Law, HE Former President Vitautas Landsbergis (LITHUANIA) Statesmanship; Dr. Achyuta Samanta (INDIA) Poverty Alleviation thru Education and Humanitarianism.

2013 From left to Right: Amb. Prof. Dr. Orhan Guvenen (TURKEY), for Economics & Strategic Research & Diplomacy; Architect Yolanda D. Reyes (REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES), for Architecture & Academe; Mr. Abul Hasan Mohammad Nouman (BANGLADESH), for Poverty Alleviation and Humanitarianism; Dr. Glen T. Martin (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), for Philosophy of Human Liberation; Hon. Catherine Dupe Atoki (NIGERIA), for Human Rights Advocacy; Former President, Prof. Dr. Emil Constantinescu (REPUBLIC OF ROMANIA), for Statesmanship & Academe; His Excellency President Rajkeswur Purryag (MAURITIUS), for Statesmanship; Former Prime Minister Al-Saddig Abdel Rahman Al-Mahdi (SUDAN), for Statesmanship; His Royal Highness Prince Bandar Bin Khalid Alfaisal Al Saud (KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA), for Social Services & Humanitarianism; Prof. Dr. Igor I Kondrashin (RUSSIA), for Scientific Philosophy; Mr. Malek Jandali (SYRIA), for Performing Arts (Composer & Pianist) & Humanitarianism; Mr. Jerome Binde (FRANCE), for International Diplomacy and Foresight; Prof. Dr. Abdelmadjid Amrani (ALGERIA), for Philosophy; Former President Arnold Ruutel (REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA), For Statesmanship; Prof. Dr. Raoul A. Weiler (BELGIUM). for Science and Technology.

2012 From left to Right: Dr. Boris Aleksandrovich Astafiev (RUSSIA), Scientific Research (Physics); Mr. David Christner (USA) , Humanitarianism; Governor Kostadin Hadzhigaev of Blagoevgrad (BULGARIA), Political Governance; Dr. Valery Pavlovich Dubrov (UKRAINE), Medicine (Advancement, Tuberculosis treatment, Eastern Europe ; Dato' Dr. Haji Ahmad Laksamana Bin Omar (MALAYSIA), Al-Quranic Research & Biochemistry; Dr. Ana Flisser (MEXICO), Scientific Research (Parasitology: Cysticercosis); Hon. Ricaardoe Di Done (CANADA), Children's Rights (Children Now); Miss Deepika Priyadarshani (SRI LANKA), Performing Arts; . Dr. Felipe Guhl (COLOMBIA), Scientific Research (Chagas Disease); Mr. Naseer Shamma (IRAQ), Performing Arts (Oud instrument); Judge Ricardo Li Rosi (ARGENTINA), Humanitarian Law; Prof. Timi Ecimovic (SLOVENIA). Scientific Research (Physics); Mr. Kent Wong (MACAU, CHINA), Social Services & Young Global Leadership; Chief Justice Yeung Kam John Yeung Sik Yuen (MAURITIUS), Social Justice; Prof. Fidel Julian Gutierrez y Vivanco (PERU), Philosophy; Dr. James G. Dy (PHILIPPINES), Social Services & Philanthropy; Judge Liisa Kiianlinna (FINLAND).Social Justice; Her Royal Highness Sheik Hissah Bint Saad Abdulah Salem Al-Sabah (KUWAIT), Women's Welfare, Arab World; Chief Justice Benjamin Joses Odoki (UGANDA), Social Justice; Hon. Bertrand De Speville (UNITED KINGDOM ), International Anti-Graft & Corruption.

2011 From left to Right: Interpol Pres. Comr. Norman Inkster (CANADA), International Law and Peace Keeping; Arch. Felino A. Palafox Jr. (PHILIPPINES), Architecture and Urban Planning; Mme Diane Uribe (COLOMBIA), Journalism; Senator Emmanuel Jones (USA), Legislation and Peace Building; Ex-President Amos C. Sawyer (LIBERIA), Peace Building; Sir Roland Mosl (AUSTRIA), Scientific Invention (PEGE); Dr. Thomas K. Stern (USA), Social Services and International Humanitarianism; Ex-President Behgjet Pacolli (KOSOVO), Economics and Governance; Ex-President James R. Mancham (SEYCHELLES), Statesmanship; West Bengal Governor Shri M.K. Narayanan (INDIA), Governance and Peacekeeping; Dr. Jagdish Gandhi (INDIA), Academe; His Excellency Minister Phongsabath Boupha (LAOS), International Diplomacy; Education Minister Thakur S. Powdyel (BHUTAN), Academe; FICAC Secretary-General Aykut Eken (TURKEY), International Diplomacy; Phra Maha Vudhaya Vajiramedhi (THAILAND), Social Services and Spiritual Leadership; Mr. Vladimir Megre (UKRAINE), Literature; Dr. Yolanda Ortega-Stern, Ph.D. (USA), Social Services; Prof. Viktor Medikov (RUSSIA), Scientific Research(Microeconomics); Rev. Fr. Richard Ryan Ho Lung M.O.P. (JAMAICA), Social Services.

2010 From left to Right: Professor Raoul Parienti (France) for Scientifc Innovation, Justice Victor Manuel Nuñez Rodriguez (Paraguay) for Social Justice and Humanitarian Laws, Dr. Rainer Krell (Germany) for Scientific Innovation, Dr. Art-ong Jumsai (Thailand) for Scientific Innovation and Human Values Education, Her Excellency Ambassador Mary Chinery-Hesse (Ghana) for International Diplomacy and Humanitarianism, Mr. Andrei Veidung (Norway)) for Scientific Invention; Consul General Lo Seng Chung (China) for Humanitarianism, Mr. Yank Barry (Canada) for Social Services and International Humanitarianism, Mr. Walter Maibum (USA) for Visual Arts and Art Preservation, Rev. Fr. Rocky Evangelista (Philippines) for Social Services and Humanitarianism, Mr. David Plattner (USA) for Environment and Biodiversity, Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe (Sri Lanka) for Peace Process, Hon. Oliver "Buck" Revell (USA) for International Law Enforcement and Peacekeeping, Professor Jivko Jelev (Bulgaria) for Scientific Innovation, Honourable Arnold Foote (Jamaica) for Peace and Mutual Understanding, Mr. Demetri Argyropoulos (Greece) for Economics and Leadership, Dr. Irinel Popescu (Romania) for Medicine and Dr. Michael Nobel (Sweden) for Education and Humanitarianism.

2009 From left to Right: Lea Salonga (Philippines) for Performing Arts, Madam Surapee Rojanavongse (Thailand) for Economics and Cultural Heritage, Judge Natividad Mercedes Meza (Paraguay) for Social Justice and Humanitarian Law, Silvia Scherer (Switzerland) for Biotechnology Industry, Madam Timi Bakatselos (Greece) for Philanthropy on Children's Health Care, Dr. Liu Chi Chun (Taiwan) for International Humanitarianism, Alexey Steele (Russia) for Visual Arts, Hon. Massimo Romagnoli (Italy) for International Politics and Human Civil Rights, Congressman Bob Filner (USA) for Legislation, Dr. Alice Chiu (Hong Kong) for Social Services and Philanthropy, Ambassador Preciosa S. Soliven (Philippines) for Academe, Christine M. Warnke, Ph.D. (USA) for Economics & Humanitarianism, Her Royal Highness Princess Fuziah Raja Uda (Malaysia) for Cultural Heritage, Ali Nasuh Mahruki (Turkey) for Sports & Humanitarianism (Search and Rescue Missions). The Most Rev. Fr. Joseph A. Faller (Philippines) for Divine Healing and Assistance to the Sick and the Needy, Dr. Ho Son Fat (Macau) for Medicine (Urology) and Scientific Invention in the Field of Neurourology, and in Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery, Professor Emil-Silvio Ciobota (Romania) for Performing Arts, Charalambos Lambrou (Cyprus) for Philanthropy on Adult Cancer Patients.

2008 From left to Right: Mr. Rodolf Schwind (Germany) for Laser Industry; Dr. Cosme I. Naval (Philippines) for Ophthalmology; Mr. Kevin Kwan (Hong Kong) for Aquaculture Research; Dr. Harold Lindsay Thompson (Australia) for Medicine; Mr. Carles Njonjo (Kenya) for Philanthropy; Dr. Henry C. Lee (Taiwan-USA) for Crime Investigation; Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Haji Mulia (Malaysia) for Legislation; Congressman Gus Bilirakin (USA) for Legislation; Dr. Dan Zoltan Reinstein (UK) Ophthalmology; Hon. Rosario P. Uriarte (Philippines) for Social Welfare; Hon. Giorgos Tasou (Cyprus) for Environmental Protection; Mr. Antonio L. Lopez (Philippines) for Journalism; Dr. James Newton Boss (Singapore) for Scientific Research.

2007 From left to Right: Chairwoman Constancia de Guzman (Philippines) for Anti-Graft and Corruption; Atty. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta (Philippines) for Social Justice; Dr. Shigeru Suganami, M.D., Ph.D. (Japan) for Medicine; Dr. Tae Sup Lee (South Korea) for Public Governance and Humanitarianism; Mr. Yu Pang Lin represented by Dennis Pang Lin (China) for Humanitarianism; Dr. Farland H. Stanley, V.M.D., Ph.D. (USA) for Archeology; Senator Heherson Alvarez (Philippines) for Environment and Public Service; Hon. Michalos Constantine (Greece) for Job Creation; Mr. Thomas Cheng Wai Yu (Hong Kong) for Sports; Mr. George Bisits (USA) for Broadcast Journalism; Dr. Peter M. Schantz, V.M.D., Ph.D. (USA) for Veterinary Medicine; Dr. Thep Phongparnich, Ed.D. (Thailand) for Agricultural Research and Education; Lt. Gov. Johnson Elimo (Federated States of Micronesia) for Indigenous Rights; Vice President Elias Camsik Chin (Republic of Palau) for Humanitarian Law; Sen. Ney Robinson Suasuna (Brazil) for Political Governance.

2006 From left to Right: Rev. Fr. Corsie S. Legaspi (Philippines) for Divine Healing Services to the Sick and the Needy; Dr. Felipe I. Tolentino (Philippines) for Medicine (Ophthalmology); Master Bup Kwan (South Korea) for Humanitarianism; Katya Grineva (Russia) for Performing Arts; Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez (Guam) for Public Service; Ambassador Tarmizi Taher (Indonesia) for Religous Affairs and Humanitarianism; Mr. Allan "AJ" Hackett (New Zealand) for Sports; Datu Ismail Bin Mohamad (Malaysia) for Philanthropy; Dr. Ioannis Lyras (Greece) for Medicine (Plastic Surgery); Madam Wang Zushi (China) for Cultural Heritage; Director Carlo J. Caparas (Philippines) for Cinematioc Excellence; Dr. Leung Ping Chung (Hong Kong) for Medicine and Academe; Justice Minister Ram B. Jethmalani (India) for Social Justice and Humanitarian Law; Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vietanam) for Philanthropy; Former President Fidel V. Ramos (Philippines) for Statemanship.

2005 From left to Right: Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn (Philippines) for Environment; Mrs. Maria Coop (Philippines) for Women's Rights; Professor Li Qi (China) for Visual Arts; Dr. Sundaram S. Natarajan (India) for Medicine (Ophthalmology); Dr. Anthony C.H. Wong (Hong Kong) for Economics; Mr. George Dovellos (Greece) for Humanitarianism; Sister Arlene Riccio and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence (Vatican City) for Social Services; Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo (Guam) for Governance and Legislation; Metropolitan Archbishop Nikitas Lulias (Greece) for Religion and Humanitarianism; Ms. Regina Paz L. Lopez (Philippines) for Children's Rights; Mr. David T. Bussau (Australia) for Humanitarianism; Mr. Malcolm William Prowse (Australia) for Human Rights; Ms. Alexandra P. Romualdez (Philippines) for Humanitarianism; Mr. Jose Marie Chan (Philippines) for Performing Arts.

2004 From left to Right: Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales represented by Monsignor Josefino Ramirez (Philippines) for Religous and Spiritual Leadership; Mr. Douglas Maclagan (United Kingdom of Great Britain) for Children's Welfare and Development; Mr. Fundador Soriano (Philippines) for Media, Overseas Welfare Service; Mr. Rodolfo "Dolphy" Quizon (Philippines) for Cinematic Excellence; Mayor Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte (Philippines) for Political Governance; Mr. Lee Xiu Mien (China) for Education; Ms. Carmela Tiangco (Philippines) for Brodcast Journalism; Nokia's Mr. Georg Von Dziembowski (Germany) for Science and Technology; Mr. Hiro Kundamal (Pakistan) for Humanitarianism; Dr. Peter Fong (Hong Kong) for Urban Development and Planning; Dr. Iichiro Ohira (Japan) for Scientific Research and Discovery, Lactobacilli; Senator John Michael Quintana (Guam) for Legislation; Chess Grandmaster Eugene Torre (Philippines) for Sports.

2003 From left to Right: Senator Jesse Anderson Lujan (Guam) for Sports; Mr. Julius Babao (Philippines) for Brodcast Journalism; Mr. Maximo V. Soliven (Philippines) for Journalism; Senator Rodolfo Biazon (Philippines) for Legislation; Mr. Fernando Poe, Jr. (Philippines) for Cinematic Excellence; Senator Carmen Fernandez (Guam) for Education; Gusi Peace Prize Chairman Ambassador & Mrs. Barry S. Gusi; Her Majesty Queen of Palau Gloria Gibbon Salii (Palau) for Women's Rights; Dean Tumpalan of the UP College of Nursing to represent Dean Julita V. Sotejo, Founder of the UP Colege of Nursing (Philippines); Madam Teodora Sotejo Gusi, wife of Capt. Gemeniano Javier Gusi, Founder of the Gusi Peace Prize; Dr. Mildred A. Go (Philippines) for Education & Children's Rights; Palau Foreign Minister Timmy Schmull representing President Tommy Remengesau (Palau) for Ecosystem & Biodiversity; Dr. Fe Del Mundo represented by her niece (Philippines) for Pediatric Medicine; Ambassador Enrique P. Syquia (Malta) for Humanitarianism; Ms. Teresita Ang See (Philippines) for Human Rights.

2002 From left to Right: Anthony Quinn (USA) for Cinematic Excellence; Angelo T. Reyes (Philippines) for Governance; Robert Barbers (Philippines) for Human Rights; Benjamin Abalos (Philippines) for Urban Development; Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. (Philippines) for Legislation.